About that guy that writes here

Hi there! My name is Marco, I’m a curious person who loves culture, tech, science and… coffee.

I’m also a – not necessarily in this order:


begun to learn programming at the age of 7 by reading tech magazines (back then, owning a computer wasn’t a viable option). I’ve worked on, chronologically and with different degrees of expertise:

basic, C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Ruby

and so on… always learning, always probing

Sales and marketing manager

worked for huge corporations around the world as well as small local businesses. Managed sales, set-up distribution channels, calculated ROI’s, created marketing resources… you’ve got the picture.


visited and lived in many countries for many different reasons. I would ideally feel a european but it’s hard to understand what that means, nowadays… I speak:

English, French, Spanish, Italian

and other useless languages…


started playing seriously at the age of 11, never stopped since. Have been using and abusing MIDI coupled with acoustic instruments since the ’90s.


one-man audio-video live streaming productions. You might have never seen anything like it …

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