Gutenberg on trial (again)

Will the “new editor” plugin forever change WordPress (for the better)? Here’s one of my favorite Free Software moments: No, thanks, I’ll stick to Windows. If you’ve never heard anyone telling you that before, it means you probably answered this way in the past and, if that’s the case, relax: this is not going to… Read more

Rainbow Of Goodness

‘I really love it, thank you!’ These are the actual words that came out of my mouth when someone handed me a broom as Christmas gift, a few years ago: surely I would have used the same words in case I would have received, let’s say, an empty CD or a jar of expired peanut… Read more

The Waterfall Chart

How do you know if you’ve become a statistics fanboy? Yes, it’s a vested-interest question: apologies if you were looking for a vested-interest answer. I mean, I know I could list some absurd stats which both you AND I compulsively have to check while watching sports or on election day (which seem more and more… Read more

The facts revolution

I just released the first version of Visual Chap. Here’s the punchline, find my comments below. Visual Chap is a WordPress Plugin which treats your readers by providing a unique experience  for your content. A quick, animated, graphical, Wikipedia-powered search for everything you write… or just specific words. It truly is a time in which… Read more

Squealing Drake

I don’t especially like extra-terrestrials: let me start here. I believe they are way over-rated and it’s quite surprising seeing so many people, which usually dislike even a mere contact with their foreigner neighbors, saying so many great things about them. Hollywood certainly didn’t help improve my general impressions by usually depicting aliens as ugly… Read more

Theme Checked!

It looks like Handcraft Expo (my WordPress theme) scored big! The check is based on the official Theme Check plugin by the WordPress Theme Review Team. Thanks to the cool guys at ThemeCheck for running their tests.