My Work

Work is good for your heart, for your family: whatever you do. Evolution and creativity, kindness and compassion.Steve Hughes

I am the lead developer @ Nouveau Site Web.

I’m also a certified front end web developer @ Free Code Camp .

I like WordPress for many different reasons. Check out my latest theme OverView or Visual Chap, my Wikipedia-powered plugin.

Here’s Handcraft Expo‘s website, my first theme.

Handcraft Expo screenshot
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Some of my Web Apps on CodePen

I’ve always had an agnostic approach when it comes to software development: the aspects I value the most about┬átechnologies are freedom of use, compatibility, power and flexibility.

That’s why as a developer I only use Free Software compatible-licensed tools which, together with my endless will to learn and update, allow me to deliver reasonably time-proof solutions which work well on the widest possible array of devices and are cost efficient for my clients.

My activities include:


Websites for multimedia productions.


Showcase websites for B&B and apartments rentals.


Presentation / Showcase / Contact websites for musical bands.


Concept websites with live video streaming canvas and AJAX chat.


Pro-bono social and political activism webites.


360┬░ e-commerce development: with or without CMS integration.