Distributed Wisdom

I recently posted how happy I feel about my first WordPress theme being approved in the official directories: here’s my story about the reviewing process behind that. My background? I had several previous experiences with WordPress and other CMS software but this was the first time I decided to write an actual package, publicly available,… Read more

Handcraft Happiness

So my first WordPress theme has been approved, which of course makes me very happy. I just wonder if people around me can really understand WHY. It goes without saying, I’m talking about people who can actually understand what I write: as you know, for all the others we are just people that ‘play with… Read more

Created a new WordPress theme…

If you need a new website or if you want to revamp the one you already have, you can try my new WordPress theme ‘Handcraft Expo‘: this site uses it, it’s free software under the great copyleft GNU GPL v.3 license and hopefully soon available on WP’s official repository.