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Rainbow Of Goodness

by marco on April 27th, 2017 at 4:11 pm.

'I really love it, thank you!' These are the actual words that came out of my mouth when someone handed me a broom as Christmas gift, a few years ago: surely I would have used the same words in case I would have received, let's say, an empty CD or a jar of expired peanut butter. If my reaction doesn't sound so absurd to you, chances are you -like me and so many others- are in the 'White Club': the less exclusive club in the world. PAID ADVERTISEMENT: Here at the White Club, we emphasize the fact that we say lies in order to save humanity. That's why we don't say lies but "White Lies", even if that name might create confusion: we indeed do not mean "Pure BS" but instead "Harmless Smarts". I have been told it is an important difference to make. Being smart by definition, we apply our ancient techniques to our modern day society, so that everyone can harness all the benefits, known for millenniums: we do all of it just for the love we have for others. Yes, we are heroes and our words are the light in the darkness, the power of wisdom against the forces of evil... or something like that: each member has its own personal view because we are also an open and equal opportunity entity. We make it ultra easy for anyone of any culture and race to join. It sounds neat, I know, but it is mostly marketing hype. Truth is, there are plenty of clubs of this sort and each one has its own strong logic. For instance: - The Black Club, which underlines the importance to put all your potential in what you do; - The Red & Blue Club, standing at the heart of our decision making process, its philosophy precisely describes the amazing dance-like steps that so many beloved politicians use in their vital day-to-day operations; - The Big Club which, as the name suggests, is followed by the smarter ones among the smart ones: the most exclusive of the bunch and an evergreen for heads of states, presidents and VIPs. Whichever you have chosen, one thing is clear: we all do it for the Greater Good. Never give up. Certainly you won't mind the 'broom for gift' anecdote never actually happened: it is raining outside but we might truly find the rainbow at the end of the storm.

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Squealing Drake

Visual Chap

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I don’t especially like extra-terrestrials: let me start here.

I believe they are way over-rated and it’s quite surprising seeing so many people, which usually dislike even a mere contact with their foreigner neighbors, saying so many great things about them. Hollywood certainly didn’t help improve my general impressions by usually depicting aliens as ugly humans. And, by the way, since when we do like ugly people?
Glad if I missed a meeting in which it has been collectively decided that we won’t discriminate against these anymore, but I don’t think that’s the case: the latest Elle issue confirms my suspicions.

Proudly offbeat, these intergalactic hipsters always seem to win: UK leaves the EU but would join the AU in a snap.


However, what really bothers me about ET’s is the lack of evidence supporting their existence: being unable to see them somehow damages their credibility. But, most importantly, might damage our credibility. I would LOVE to find evidence of intelligent alien life because I’m somehow optimistic by nature and the idea of the Great Filter ‘in the future’ being right clashes with my hippie philosophies.

A lot.

Problem is, I’m also rational and there must be an answer to the -what else- Fermi Paradox. Of course, I might miss a billion of factors which I may never even be able to grasp but I believe we can all agree that we built most of the means for our own destruction before we figured out a way to live together. And of course anyone can point out to the violence in nature and in our history everywhere. While recent findings about the number of possible habitable exoplanets begin to shed some light on our dark ignorance on the subject and the Drake Equation seems weirder than ever.

Two minutes to midnight, baby.

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I admit I don’t have any good argument against the ‘self-destruction’ theory besides the fact that it feels a bit like fate… But  it also feels odd, unpleasant and uncomfortable, which are all typical symptoms of scientifically true facts: I’m sure the biggest fans of the theory hate it as well. It’s like recognizing your drunk uncle exists: you wouldn’t deny his existence but wouldn’t really want to be bragging about it either.

Finding aliens would disprove the whole thing and so would a ban on weapons and solutions to global climate change. So let’s keep looking up for extra-terrestrials of course, but let’s as well remember we might want to look closer: in each other’s eyes.



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